The McClure Twins Steal the Show at New York Fashion Week

The adorable twins steal the show as they debut at the New York Fashion Week.

It seems New Jersey is becoming the new hometown for internet sensations these days with an increasing number of people belonging to the town going viral and finding online stardom. The latest to join the ranks of online stars are Ava and Alexis McClure, the adorable three year old twins born to Justin and Ami McClure.

Ava and Alexis have long been stars on Instagram, and their recent forays into video have gone even better. Their viral videos on YouTube and other social media sites have resulted in instant stardom, with millions of new fans falling in love with the adorable twins overnight. One of the highlights so far has been Ava and Alexis’s appearance on Ellen, which took the audience by storm. They have also been on Good Morning America in addition to a number of other talk shows. Another highlight of their career has been their Fashion Week debut at the world famous New York Fashion Week. The adorable duo looked even better on the ramp, in their matching purple sweat suits with stunning pink accessories. The runway was commanded by the McClure twins at New York Fashion Week, which isn’t a surprise seeing as how adorable the two are. Their brimming confidence in public and comfort with the crowd speaks volumes about their upbringing and future careers in fashion and show business.

Parents Justin and Ami McClure say their relationship is built on the principles of free thought, progressive outlook, reasoning, and critical thinking. With Ami being of Nigerian heritage, the couple have found strength in their different backgrounds and life experiences.

Justin is a fluent Spanish speaker, while Ami speaks her native Nigerian tongue.

At home, the girls get to experience a bit of both languages, with both parents agreeing that as Ava and Alexis grow older, they will have the freedom to choose whichever language they like, and what path in life they want to follow. Their main emphasis in raising their kids is for them to understand that everyone is equal. They want to raise their children with a  focus on developing dignity, strong character, and the strength and ability to follow through with their passion and stand for what they love.

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