Sierra Leone: Chinese provide boost to farmers in Bo

On the behalf of Chinese government, the Head of the Chinese Agricultural Technical Team, Mr. Li Hua An has presented a huge consignment of hybrid planting material and fertiliser to the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security, Dr. Sam Sesay at the China Farm compound in the city of Bo.

According to Mr. An, the agricultural inputs included 135 bushels of rice, 32 bags of hybrid corn and 1,100 bags of fertilizers.

The Chinese representative added that the essence of the support was not only to maximise sorghum production in the country but to back up the government’s strong measures in achieving prosperity within and around the city of Bo through the provision of technical assistance in the cultivation of corn.

The agriculture Minister, Dr. Sam Sesay thanked the government and the people of China for their sustained support to the farmers and government of Sierra Leone on the behalf of government and farmers of the region.

He did however plead with the Chinese technical team to increase the package, to service other farmers elsewhere in the country.

Earlier, the District Agriculture Officer (DAC) in Bo, Mr. Edmond Saidu warned farmers to refrain from the habit of selling seedlings as it does not help in the drive to achieve food self-sufficiency.

These robust measures will support the local farmers to understand the technical cultivation process and also build their drive of self-sufficiency.


Image: Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos