President Akufo-Addo’s Message to the Diaspora: Your Role in Africa’s Development is Critical


Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo is calling upon Africans and persons of African origin, living in the diaspora, to promote the continent’s growth and development to bring dignity to the black race.

“It should be obvious to all black people in the world by now that their dignity and standing are intricately bound up with the dignity and standing of Africa”, the president said.

Speaking on Tuesday at the first edition of the Essence Global Black Economic Forum in Accra, he hailed the positive impact of diasporan communities, noting the critical role that they are playing in the growth and development of African countries.

The president noted the constructive work diasporan communities have done working with the government and the private sector through increased trade and investment, innovation, and the transfer of knowledge and skills.

He cited other nationalities living in Africa and other parts of the world that have impacted immensely on the growth of their own countries, such as Chinese nationals, who he said had contributed a great deal to China’s impressive economic transformation.

“We will achieve the dignity and respect we deserve, and we will do so on our own terms. Today, no one snares at the Chinese; tomorrow nobody will snare at Africans and black people”.

President Akufo-Addo also noted the advancements of countries within the continent such as Kenya and Ethiopia, and other nations such as Israel and India, who have issued diaspora focused bonds to fund projects in their respective countries, saying “let us emulate them.”

“The vision is of a black world on both sides of the Atlantic which leverages hard work, enterprise, creativity and innovation to engage in mutually beneficial trade and investment cooperation that will guarantee the prosperity of black people the world over,” he stated.

Decrying the continent’s slow economic growth, he said that it has a wealth of resources necessary to run modern economies.

“We have all the ingredients to make Africa the happy and prosperous continent it should be…we need us to join hands to deliver progress and prosperity to the continent. The peoples of Africa are determined to use our resources to bring prosperity to our people”.

With the theme of “Globalizing Community Commerce”, the Essence Global Black Economic Forum, had in attendance a host of personalities including Sir David Adjaye, Lead Architect, Principal of Adjaye Associates, and actor Boris Kodjoe”.