Ojiji Mobile Devices launches smart phones in Nigeria

Ojiji Mobile, a brand of android devices, launches its first indigenous smart phones in Nigeria.

Manufactured by a Nigerian owned company based in South Korea, the Ojiji Fiery range, is being introduced into the Nigerian market because of the increased demand in the use of android and smartphones.

The Fiery Range includes three different devices: Fiery 4, Fiery 5, and the Fiery Note 5, with sources saying that the new devices are both durable, with long battery life, and that they come with a large number of applications.

Amongst others, moves such as these, highlight the desire from entrepreneurs from the country to reduce the Nigerian economy’s reliance on some of its staple sectors such as Oil & Gas, thereby creating more of a footprint in other major sectors.

Ojiji is an Igbo word meaning handy or handheld.


Image: Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos