Nigeria’s First International Photography Festival Returns


This week, Nigeria’s first international arts festival of photography, LagosPhoto Festival, reveals its plans for its latest celebration, and this year, it is returning with a bang.

With photographers and artists travelling from all over the world to explore the artistic diversity of African culture, LagosPhoto Festival, originally curated by the African Artists’ Foundation, showcases the vision and intimate stories of the ‘African Spirit’ through the narrative of its people.

Hundreds of travellers are said to be attending this year’s festival, from the 27th of October to November 15th 2018, to showcase their work from the past year. With people in attendance from the likes of Ghana, Madagascar and Germany, many are believed to be travelling to Lagos’ festival to witness the photography and public design workshops held by some of Africa’s most recognised photographers.

As it draws nearer to it’s 9th anniversary, the festival has finally unveiled its latest theme, drawing the interest of talented photographers from all over the world. Following its celebration of Regimes of Truth in 2017, the curators have continued with their focus on freedom of expression in regards to the reality of the story of Africa. The theme ‘Time Has Gone’, as announced by the marketing team, is a concept that primarily focuses on the momentum of age through past, present and future experiences of the African people. The excitement for the translation of the concept is causing a stir within the community.

Founder Azu Nwagbogu, in an interview with the New York Times, expressed the importance of the festival, and how its presence is essential in rewriting the stories of the African community.

Through a positive narrative of prosperity and culture, the LagosPhoto Festival provides the opportunity for African life to be shared and shaped by African voices.

By building a community of ownership and authority, Azu Nwagbogu believes that showcasing the true narrative of Africa’s past, present, and future, through the lens of photography, is the perfect place to start, to help birth the image of a new and fruitful Africa.

With panels being held by French art critic, Eva Barois De Caevel and African Artists’ Foundation (AAF) curators Wunika Mukan, Charlotte Langhorst and Valentine Umansky; the LagosPhoto Festival will be house some of Africa’s top specialists in the concept of time and its artistic measures.