Nestle gives future engineers golden opportunity

Nestlé is training future Nigerian engineers; they are offering a select group of five the opportunity to gain international experience at its centre of operations in Switzerland.

This will be a four month scholarship and it will be partly sponsored by the Swiss government in a first-of-its-kind agreement between Switzerland and an African country.

The five elite students will be selected from a group of 16 currently studying for an engineering certificate at Nestlé’s new ‘Technical Training Centre’ in Agbara, Nigeria.

Martin Woolnough, Nestlé Nigeria’s Chief Executive Officer said

“We are committed to helping young people contribute to the technological development of Nigeria. Our aim is to nurture local ability in science and engineering while widening our potential employee talent pool. All students on the course will receive practical education, training, and an opportunity to use the kind of technical equipment they don’t necessarily have access to.”

“They will gain invaluable experience working alongside our skilled engineers.”

Nestlé opened the training centre at its factory in Agbara in 2011 to help local students and employees develop their skills in different areas of manufacturing engineering.

More than 1,000 young people applied for the current student training course, which offers the chance to study for an internationally recognised vocational qualification over 18 months.

The students who were selected are now being supported by Nestlé to achieve a ‘City and Guilds of London Technician Certificate’.

The company’s goal is for all the students to emerge from the course as multi-skilled technical operators, ready for productive employment.
Nestlé’s Technical Training Centre is equipped with modern classrooms, a library, and computer and technical drawing rooms.

Students will attend the centre every day to participate in lessons or gain hands-on experience in workshops.

Nestlé’s main goal is to prepare the students for productive employment.


Image: Nestlé on