Hollande proclaims new era in Ghana-France relations

President John Mahama and French President Francois Hollande have agreed on a number of projects to be financed under the French Development Agency’s support for Ghana.

The two Presidents, in a meeting in the Elysee Palace, discussed trade and development assistance to Ghana.

They also talked about ways to improve military cooperation, democracy and security in Africa, and the need for Ghana to take advantage of its presence within a Francophone block to enhance the teaching and learning of the French language.

President Hollande observed that during the global economic recession, Ghana was recognised globally as one of the countries of Africa with enormous potential for growth.

He proclaimed a new era of the relationship between France and Ghana and he also explained that his invitation to the President of Ghana was to augment the relationship between this two countries. He aimed to increase his knowledge and understanding of development in Ghana, through this meeting.

During the meeting, both Presidents agreed to support more French in education with French technical instructors and also to train more Ghanaian French teachers in the month of September.

President Mahama praised President Hollande for the invitation and also extended his gratitude for the high level delegation that was in attendance at the funeral ceremony of the late President John Atta Mills.

Furthermore, he also confirmed the increase of French businesses in Ghana and thanked the French Government for including Ghana in the list of 14 priority countries which will be supported by the French Development Agency. President Mahama stated to journalists that there were substantial impacts of their visits to Turkey and now France.