Finally…a Ghanaian dining experience to shout about

Following the success of their first ever exclusive dining experience – ‘Valentine’s dinner at Jollof Pot’, Britain’s leading Ghanaian catering company, are now launching a Fine Dining Club, offering guests an exclusive opportunity to experience a fusion of contemporary West African cuisine. The Jollof Pot Fine Dining Club’s inaugural dinner will be held on Saturday 31st March 2012 at 7pm, in their kitchen in North Woolwich with their Chef cooking up a storm right in the presence of guests.

Founders Adwoa and Lloyd Mensah – whom you may know from BBC2’s The Restaurant with Raymond Blanc – say that ‘the market for a fine dining offering of contemporary West African cuisine in London is virtually untouched. That’s not to say that West African food is not available in London, because it is, but so many of the companies offering it either fall short in the quality of the food, the quality of the service, or the overall presentation. Yet there are West African socialites and professionals that are screaming out for a high end dining experience that they can take their partners, friends, and associates to, knowing that the standard of food and service will not only match that of some of the best European dining establishments in London, but also exceed them. For Europeans there is that desire for something a little bit different to going out for a Chinese or Indian. If we are honest, cuisine from all the other regions of Africa (North, East, and South) are well represented in London. West Africa however, is not quite there yet…it’s that final frontier in African Cuisine, in Europe.’

The evening will include a three course meal inspired by the traditional dishes served in West Africa such as the spicy, vivid orange ‘Jollof rice’ – their signature dish; and the ever popular peanut stew – think pan fried spicy ostrich meat in a peanut based stew served with steamed rice balls. Jollof Pot also prides itself on staff knowledge of the food they are serving and they delight in describing the exotic ingredients and preparation of all dishes to curious guests.

Established in 2003 the company now boasts a client portfolio including the BBC, Cadbury’s, and Amnesty International. With private clients such as: Ozwald Boateng, June Sarpong, and George Lamb. ‘Which’, says Adwoa, ‘is down to an almost compulsive focus on the finer details. The phrases ‘let’s go for a Chinese’ and ‘let’s go for an Indian’ are commonly heard here in the UK, when it becomes the norm to hear the phrase ‘let’s for a Ghanaian’ we’ll know our work is done!’


Image: Krisztian Sipos