Energy Ministers from Uganda, Liberia and DRC to address investors at the 3rd Powering Africa: Summit

It is no secret that electricity and power are essential for progress and development throughout the globe. Take a look at any industrialised nation and you will see that the first major achievement that marked economic and industrial development was power generation. For this very purpose, power generation in all of its forms – electric, solar, hydro, gas, and wind – is becoming the most valued and highly sought after resource for development. As more and more work transfers to factories and industrial units, the demand for power generation continues to rise. This is where the Powering Africa Summit comes in. This summit brings together government officials, investors, and public and private sector executives together to discuss future opportunities and address issues within Africa’s energy and infrastructure sectors.

Third Powering Africa Summit:
The Third Powering Africa Summit drew the attention of many leading government ministers from Africa and leading businessmen and investors, as well as industrial and energy sector experts. This included Tina Joemat-Pettersson Minister of Energy from South Africa, Liberian Minister of Energy, Patrick Sendolo, Uganda’s Irene Muloni, Minister of Energy, Pierre Anatole Matusila, Minister of Energy from the Democratic Republic of Congo, James Musoni, Minister of Infrastructure, and other leading government officials. Other prominent speakers included U.S. Congressman Ed Royce, Chairman House Foreign Affairs and Scott Schloegel, Acting First Vice President of the Export-Import Bank of the United States. Co-located with the Latin America Energy Forum, this summit was the event of the year for energy and infrastructure development, planning, and discussion for the African continent.

Event Highlights:
The major highlights of this event included:

  • Discussion on US Investment in Africa:
    One of the key themes of the summit was a discussion on increasing cooperation with the United States in areas of power deals and technology transfer through investment in Africa.
  • Job Creation:
    A major highlight of the event was in the form of agreements for local job creation, capacity building, skills training, and upgrading the skills of the local African workforce in the mission for energy efficiency and industrial growth.
  • Investor Roundtables:
    Because this summit brought together over 400 investors from all across the world, a special event in the form of investor roundtables was held. Here investors were able to exchange mutually beneficial information, present proposals, and obtain a better understanding of the local and regional energy requirements in Africa.
  • Regional and Country Roundtables:
    To draw focus to regional and country-specific issues, regional and country roundtables on Nigeria, South Africa, Morocco, and Egypt were held. The goal of these roundtables was to promote African cooperation for the entire continent.
  • Promotion of Sustainable Energy Projects:
    Keeping in line with best global practices, the need to promote sustainable and clean energy projects was also addressed through the third Powering Africa Summit. This session included discussions on a blended public-private partnership scheme to develop, construct, operate, and maintain clean energy projects in Africa to meet future requirements while minimising the environmental impact.

The Third Powering Africa Summit has proven to be a well thought out and professionally managed event that attracted global investors and energy sector experts from various specialties. The gathering of these experts and executives at the same place promoted a healthy exchange of ideas and presented some unique new opportunities for the energy sector in Africa. This summit will prove invaluable as African companies and nations look to develop strategies and streamline efforts to meet future growth and increasing demands.