Role: Director of Operations, TeleTech – Ghana

This is a unique opportunity in Ghana to showcase your international business and management acumen.  As a global leader in building exceptional customer experience, TeleTech is seeking that exceptional leader to support those efforts locally.

As the Service Delivery Director, you are the primary guardian of the overall client relationship and associated operations.  You will have the opportunity to showcase your superior sales and client relationship skills, while maximizing resources for optimal success.  TeleTech takes a balanced approach defining success through multiple parameters including client satisfaction, revenue targets, effective and efficient use of resources, and employee satisfaction.

Responsibilities include revenue assurance and sales quotas, financial forecasting and invoicing. As the Service Delivery Director, you will meet with managers and appropriate site leadership across multiple sites to address financials, ratios, expenses, and incentives for teams. You will provide leadership and influence employee engagement, development, performance management, and communicate corporate initiatives and directives as necessary to keep teams apprised and engaged. At all times, as the Service Delivery Director, you will  adhere to TeleTech key performance objectives, indicators, metrics, and ratios ensuring maximum team performance. You will oversee all aspects of the operational services, work strategically to improve processes and performance that enhance bottom line results. As the steward of the client relationship, you will work closely with clients and business partners to resolve all related issues. Improves efficiency and accuracy of business process; create and implement process improvements. Identify revenue growth opportunities to grow the business. Meet all Statement of Work (SOW) requirements.
Key Performance Objectives 

  • Achieve 100% contractual bonus goals, revenue generation, expenses, forecasting, and financials. Actively implement strategies and initiatives to enable the business to achieve its objectives. Communicate the core strategy and goals to site leadership and program managers. Establish metrics for success, set clear priorities, and drive the project to meet goals. Understand the key business objectives, timeframes, and requirements associated with each goal and client requirements. Ensure that revenue targets are achieved to attain bonus, and avoid penalties. (Strategic thinking, customer focus, project management, results orientation, global business acumen, achievement motivation)
  • Manage day-to-day operations and deliverables. Responsible for managing service levels and client satisfaction scores, sales quotas and call volume projections for inbound and outbound calling. Deliver timely and efficient solutions to all clients’ requests. Employ effective organizational and time-management skills to deliver solutions to routine and emergency requests and general needs within established timelines. Prepare and review reports. Attend site and client meetings/calls, quarterly business reviews, hold team meetings to review sales, performance and future improvement planning to include action plans. Determine appropriate use of resources to meet goals and schedules. (Problem solving, data analysis, customer focus, attention to detail, results orientation)
  • Improve the key success metrics associated with goals.  These include:
    • Forecasting accuracy
    • Revenue and margin goals
    • Client, customer, and Employee satisfaction scores
    • Call volume projections
    • Contractual bonus goals
    • Contractual client metric goals
  • Gather information, analyze data, observe the process, and lead the effort to consistently improve each process and performance, up-sell. This includes challenging every aspect of the operations and sales processes. Recommended changes must be monitored and measured to ensure bottom-line impact to the process. Primary client metrics for Service Delivery Directors are based on contract and client requests. (Data analysis, customer focus, ROI calculations, persuasion, problem solving, strategic thinking, achievement motivation)
  • Drive client message, actively manage staff, engagement, and productivity. Responsible for mentoring, coaching, evaluating, and developing program managers. Tracks training completion rates. Provide support, information and assistance. Accountable for managing all day-to-day issues and respond to all issues as appropriate. Help the staff to set realistic and measurable service and sales goals. Monitor progress towards goals. (Customer focus, leadership, staff development, accountability, coaching, interviewing, motivation, resourcefulness, high integrity)
  • Manage the communication. Maintain a positive, respectful and caring attitude. Communicate problems clearly and collaborate with clients and business partners to ensure that issues will be resolved quickly with a minimum long term impact. Offer clear and objective alternatives and work with the team to help implement solutions. Identify and communicate any potential problems or challenges as they surface. Communicate changes in priorities and direction of the goal or project to the staff. Daily communication with clients, effectively communicates action plans and inquires from clients. (Team work and collaboration, fairness, follow through, engagement, honesty, openness, directness, timeliness)

Desired Skills and Experience

Minimum Qualifications

  • Understanding of TeleTech business, core values, and goals
  • Ability to lead and partner successfully with teams, management and client
  • Ability to manage multiple, complex, on-going tasks and projects
  • High level of integrity, judgment and follow through
  • Strong coaching, people, and leadership skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong analytical, verbal and written communications skills
  • Data analysis skills
  • Acumen towards technology usage and understanding
  • Proficient in English, both written and verbal
  • Sales experience
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office

Preferred Qualifications

  • Knowledge of call center business
  • Call center experience
  • Six Sigma certified
  • Support function expertise
  • Matrix-style relationships


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