Standard Chartered Bank’s Samuel Sule: “The Move Back Home Requires Humility and Open-Mindedness”

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The Nigerian Youth Service Corps (NYSC): The What? Why? And Who’s?

  Colonial Africa was never built on the purpose of achieving strong independent states, but rather a structural model to achieve biased economic gain. At the...

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WAC - Top Ten Companies - Ivory Coast

Top Ten Multinationals to Work for in Ivory Coast

With two companies tied at ninth, we take a look at some of the best multinationals to work for in Ivory Coast.

Top Ten Companies to Work for in Nigeria

Nigeria continues to promise lucrative markets for both individuals and international companies. We list the top ten international companies to work for if you’re considering making the move back home.
Career Mentor or Career Sponsor

A Career Mentor or A Career Sponsor?

Career mentors and career sponsors are crucial to your career development being a success. But which one is the right choice for you. West African Careers differentiates between the two and gives a guide on how to acquire either of them.