The Brief: Nigerian Mobile Gaming Startup, Chopup, Attains Global Distribution Deal

Nigerian startup, ChopUp, partners with US-based games publisher, Sierra Leone elects a new President, and Ecobank's app update gains the pan-African bank 3m new users in 6 months

Nigerian Startup, Chopup, Attains Global Distribution Deal

Nigeria’s gaming industry continues to develop, with many free gaming apps available to all.

For game programmers and producers, it is difficult to make substantial monetary gain from these games because they rely on in-app purchases. The West African Gaming Expo (WAGE) is an existing platform with aims of showcasing Nigerian and West African games and developers. This conference and exhibition platform is a good sign of national and regional commitment to the gaming industry.

However, when games have an international presence, this creates a larger impact.

Recently, Nigerian gaming startup ChopUp partnered with a US-based mobile game publisher called GameMine. The partnership between ChopUp and GameMine has important advantages for Nigeria. ChopUp produces African-themed games, which will now be available on GameMine’s library of titles.

According to Zubair Abubakar, co-founder of ChopUp, “The GameMine partnership puts our company on the international stage and distributes our games to millions of people around the world.” These games will be available to millions of subscribers across the globe, expanding Nigeria’s gaming footprint at an international level.

As it stands, the company has a user base of 700,000 users. The new agreement could easily double that figure. Nigeria benefits from more exposure in the gaming industry, as it showcases the country’s talent and culture to the world.

Abubakar recognises that this deal has socioeconomic importance. “This huge boost in exposure is fantastic for our company, and we’re impressed that GameMine has shown so much interest in working with local businesses like ours. GameMine is taking concrete, proactive steps to create legitimate economic opportunities in geographic regions that need them, and we are very thankful for this.” GameMine aims to increase its presence throughout Africa.

ChopUp was launched by Zubair Abubakar and Bayo Puddicombe in 2012.

Julius Maada Bio, Candidate of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party, Elected as New President of Sierra Leone

Announced by Sierra Leone’s National Electoral Commission (NEC) in Freetown, Julius Maada Bio received 1,319,406 votes, which represented 51.81% of the total casted votes. He won the election-run off with a vote margin of more than 92,000, defeating his counterpart Kamara Wilson of the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC), received 1,227,171 votes, which amounted to 48.19% of the overall vote.

As a result of Mr Bio’s success, he replaces former president Ernest Bai Koroma of APC.
Fourteen parties participated in first ballot. A run-off election then took place as none of the parties achieved 51% of the votes.

The Ghana Government Set to Implement  Policies Which Address Social and Economic Inequalities

According to Mr Kwaku Adjei-Fosu, Deputy Director of the Plan Coordinating Division, National Development Planning Commission (NDPC), the Ghana government is addressing socioeconomic issues through the Coordinated Programme of Economic and Social Development Policies (2017-2024).

Mr Adjei-Fosu spoke at a forum held in Accra, which focussed on the topic ““Reducing Inequality in Ghana: the Role of Stakeholders,”. He noted that large disparities in income still exist, despite the success of the Millennium Development Goal One. Income poverty has increased from 37.3% in 1991-2 to 42.3 percent in 2012-2013. Eliminating poverty and its disadvantages is a crucial objective within the government.

Furthermore, the government is in the process of developing measures for fair access to national resources across ecological zones, gender, socioeconomic group, which includes Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). The government will improve business infrastructures and establish development authorities within different regions in the country.


Ecobank App Gains 3 Million Users in 6 Months

The improved version of Ecobank’s innovative app has gained 3 million users within 6 months, increasing its overall number of customers to 4 million.

Ecobank’s rebooted app used digital technology to resolve financial inclusion challenges within the region. These barriers of greater fiscal integration include: expensive transaction costs, affordability of products and a required opening balance.

According to Ade Ayeyemi, Group CEO of Ecobank, “Customers can use the app on their mobile to instantly open [an] Ecobank Xpress Account, which doesn’t have any account fees, paperwork or minimum balance requirements, or to send and receive money across 33 African countries”, which removes barriers for those who are financially excluded in Africa.