Rising Talent, Ruby Akubueze, Talks Joining the Cast of MTV Shuga

Spotlight talks to Ruby Akubueze, one of the newest cast members on MTV Shuga, the show that introduced Lupita Nyong'o to the world.

Ruby Akubueze
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Age: 20
Country of Origin: Nigeria.
Current Location: Lagos, Nigeria.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My full name is Chinaza Ruby Akubueze. I’m an actor, singer, and model, from Umuahia in Abia State, Nigeria.

I’m a free-spirited person who loves to listen to music a lot!

Currently studying for my Bachelor’s degree in Creative Art at the University of Lagos State, I’m an unapologetic feminist who believes so much in women.

Women to me equal balance, and balance is what keeps the world rotating.

I love cooking, doing puzzle games, and generally having fun, though I am quite a reserved person.

Finally…I‘m a die-hard fan of Jesus Christ!

What was your first role, and how did you feel playing it?

My first role ever was the role of a Pastor’s daughter for a stage production.

I actually started with stage productions before going into screen acting. I felt really tense at first, having all eyes on me at a live performance but, in the long run, I got the hang of it.

How do you find balance in the midst of a budding career?

That’s something I am kind of still battling with.

The balance is not yet there but then I try not to let my work get the most of me. I try to make time for other things in my life other than my career.

It’s been really hard trying to have everything on a balanced scale but I’m sure in time, I’ll get the hang of it.

Image: Jonsing Shots

What sparked your interest in following a career path in the creative industry?

I would say my love or passion for acting. I have always been very passionate about it. I can say it’s something that I was born with. It’s not exactly something I woke up to decide that I’ll do. I believe creative art chose me.

What has been the biggest hurdle in realising your potential?

Finance has mostly been my biggest hurdle. Considering my background, with a lot of other responsibilities facing my parents, who are average earners, I’ve had to pass on several opportunities.

What are the three main things that have led to your current success?

God, hard work, and determination, basically.

Do you dabble in anything other than acting?

Yes, I do. I model. I’m a commercial model, and I sing as well.

I’m currently working on producing my first single.

Who are your biggest inspirations? On-screen and Off-screen?

The top of my list is Tope Oshin. She’s an amazing director I must say. She knows how to bring out the best in people.

Chris Ihidero; a man of great wisdom. I can’t sit to talk with him and not leave with food for thought. Lupita Nyong’o really inspires me as well.

Lastly, Chinwe Joyce Akubueze; my mother. She gives me strength because she believes in me.

Are your sights set on the global stage? If so, in what roles?

Yes, of course. I look forward to working on global platforms. I don’t want to restrict myself to a particular industry. I believe so much in diversity.

I’d like to take up challenging roles like in sci-fi movies.

What are your biggest ambitions outside of acting?

Going full time into the fashion industry, traveling around the globe, and owning a charity foundation.

What are three items you cannot live without?

My glasses; it’s quite impossible to live without money and my books.

How do you start a typical day?

I pray…committing my day into God’s hands. Then I have a shower and make sure I look good. Looking good is good business!

Source: Ruby Akubueze

You’ll be playing the role of Frances, what can we expect from this character?

Expect drama, a lot of it, and also expect to see strength in her character.

What’s going to surprise people about the new season of MTV Shuga?

The new season is nothing like we’ve seen before because it goes beyond just Lagos. This season will be taking us to the North as well, and there’s no glamour in this season.

Season six is purely Naija.

What is your biggest challenge in playing Frances?

It wasn’t so much of a challenge playing Frances, since I could relate to the character. Except for the scenes where I had to cry, and we needed a number of takes, so I had to just keep crying!

How do you see yourself in the character of Frances?

I was able to relate really well with the character because I had been in Frances’ shoes as a teenager. I guess it’s something that comes with being a teenager. The curiosity. You want to know a lot of things, hence making you vulnerable to misinformation when you can’t get the right information from the right people or place.

Ruby is an ambassador of Street Project Foundation; a non-governmental organisation aimed at empowering youths to maximise their skills and make a living doing what they love.

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