Major Investment by Orange Reinforces its Connectivity on the West African Coast

Agreement Signing Ceremony (Source: Orange)


Based in France, the telecommunications company, Orange, has partnered with MainOne, a successful connectivity and data services provider. Within the partnership, Orange will co-invest in two new cable landing stations in Dakar (Senegal) and Abidjan (Cote D’Ivoire). Greater capacity will be available through Orange’s 7000km cable system from Europe to Africa and landing stations will be located in Nigeria, Ghana and Portugal.

The new cable service offers indispensable benefits for various West African countries. The region can expect improved connectivity, reduced tariffs and access to new services.  As a company, Orange will have more terabits per second of bandwidth for the growth of secure mobile data across Africa as the demand for 3G and 4G networks increases.

MainOne believes this investment falls in line with the goal for improved connectivity in the region and continent. CEO Funke Opeke said, “MainOne continues to lead the digital transformation of our sub-region by investing in affordable connectivity to drive economic development. Our objective is to bridge the digital divide between and within West Africa and the rest of the world. We are committed to deepening broadband penetration across West Africa and believe our investments in technologically advanced subsea infrastructure will continue to liberalise the international bandwidth market, further support Orange and other wholesale customers, and ultimately result in improved digital services in the region.”
Following suit, Orange spoke of the importance of the venture. “Orange’s ambition on international networks is both to meet the needs of our affiliates in their interconnection with the internet world and to increase our leadership on the international data services wholesale market. This partnership with MainOne will allow us to strengthen our presence, with new significant assets in West Africa,” said J’erome Barr’e, Chief Executive Officer of Wholesale and International Networks.


(Source: Orange)

In addition to this international cooperation, MainOne has taken more steps to continue fulfilling its broadband connectivity ambitions in West Africa. It has joined forces with data centre supplier Minkels to build three data centres in Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Nigeria. Furthermore, the company plans to expand its Lekki data centre in Lagos, Nigeria.

Speaking about the potential for more digital projects in the region, Mr Opeke said, “Given the size of its markets and status as (the) home of some of Africa’s biggest economies, West Africa has a vantage opportunity to scale up infrastructure deployment to support digital transformation. Targeted investments in the region will bridge the gap in digital infrastructure and address the increasing reliance on data storage.”

As technology continues to embed itself in society, moving the world into a future characterised by everything digital, West Africa is not waiting on the sidelines.