Liberia: GOL embraces US-Liberia Partnership Dialogue

In the Inaugural Session of the U.S-Liberia Partnership Dialogue, Liberian Foreign Minister Augustine Ngafuan, thanked U.S President Barrack Obama, Secretary of State, John Kerry, Under-Secretary, Wendy Sherman and all members of U.S Government for convening what he described as an indisputably successful event.

On Tuesday 7th May 2013, the Foreign Minister Ngafuan spoke in Washington DC at the climax of the Inaugural Edition of the US-Liberia Partnership Dialogue. Ngafuan headed the Liberian delegation to the dialogue, which included the Agriculture Minister, Finance Minister, Lands and Mines Minister, Commerce Minister, Information Minister and the Executive Director of the National Investment Commission (NIC).

In his speech he stated that the United States has been a strong and reliable partner of Liberia since the founding of Liberia nearly two centuries ago, and has assisted enormously in Liberia’s transition from war to peace and economic recovery.

Furthermore, he listed several positive forms of US support to Liberia, including: the support received in the rebuilding of the Liberian Army and Coast Guard; the cancellation of Liberia’s huge debt overhang; the consolidation of the culture of democracy; the building of infrastructure;  the improvement of public financial management; the rebuilding of public sector capacity; the restoration of social services, and a host of significant interventions through the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s Threshold Program and the soon to be rolled out Compact Program, among others.

He added “Today by convening a successful session of the US-Liberia Partnership Dialogue, we erected another strong bulwark in the consolidation of our already excellent bilateral relationship”.

Both U.S. and Liberian delegations concluded the session by affirming their shared commitment to deepening bilateral cooperation on a range of issues.

The United States and Liberia committed themselves to continued cooperation to better meet Liberia’s growing power generation, transmission and distribution requirements, and build the capacity and transparency of Liberia’s power and energy sector. They also accredited the positive development benefits hydrocarbon revenues could bring to Liberia. Claiming that it would encourage future investment, if commercially viable quantities are discovered, as both governments planned to work together to lay the foundation for an inclusive, well governed and regulated oil and gas sector.

According to Ngafuan, the sum up to the dialogue will be concluded in Monrovia before the end of the year to take stock of the tangible progress made since the inaugural session and to adopt other areas that are critical and central to Liberia’s progress including Human Development.