Treasury Manager


    The Mission of the role is to bring in structure and experience to our treasury functions. We deal with money and there’s a lot that can go wrong because of how large our operations are, so bringing in someone to the Treasury team would help us make sure that most things go smoothly. The Treasurer would be managing over the day to day activities of the treasury function which includes Liquidity management (for payouts and settlements of trades), Asset and Liability Management, trading with OTC clients, trading our positions to generate revenue and provide liquidity for our operations. The role is an experienced role so would need to have some prior experience in a Treasury team, preferably in a bank and the sweetest spot is within the forex division.

    Minimum of 5 years of experience would be sufficient for the role as well as an ACI dealing Certificate. The ideal person would be excited to change assets/markets they trade (USD/JPY) to cryptocurrency, workplace culture from very very serious, to vibessss and also seeking a lot more control and ownership in their care.

    This position reports directly to the CEO.

    About The Job

    On a daily basis what you are going to be doing would involve executing treasury functions and plans. Creating systems to ensure our Assets and Liabilities are properly managed. Managing the exchange rates across all corridors supported by Fliqpay and more.

    Another part of the job would be treasury dealings with OTC partners. You would be a core part of defining how much risk we can take per time and also risk rating for various partners and the trading service level agreements for the partners to ensure that we don’t lose money when we are trading with partners or take risk beyond our threshold.

    What You’ll Be Expected To Do At Fliqpay

    • Manage liquidity across all currency positions, ensuring 99.9% liquidity uptime for settling transactions to our merchants and trades required for operations.
    • Trade: Trade our positions, trade with clients and eventually build a trading team to ensure the smooth running of all our business activities.
    • Steadily grow the company’s revenue through smart deployment & management of the company’s capital
      • Increase monthly return on capital investment to 30% (plan your trade, don’t take uncertain risks)
      • Document processes for trading, including the thresholds for different people trading and the approval processes for trades beyond those thresholds
      • Develop strategies to generate revenue for the company through institutional sales and other initiatives we will expect you to drive
    • Manage the exchange rates across all corridors offered by Fliqpay, ensuring we’re always in a profit, while offering the most competitive rates across all pairs we offer to our clients
      • Define corridor performance metrics. Constantly benchmark the figures against best in the market standards.
    • Develop strategy and relationships to grow the liquidity pool we have access to in order to meet our growing obligations. This will cut across FX liquidity, Crypto liquidity and more.
    • Manage relationships
    • Study our Assets and Liability to determine how much we need to have on a daily basis so that the rest can be traded.
      • Establish reserve ratios for all assets, monitor the ratios on a daily basis.
      • Ensure we never run short of any currency and we can meet our obligations on a daily basis

    What We Look For In You

    • Hands-on experience across different areas of Treasury; Trading, Market Risk, Treasury Sales, Asset & Liability Management etc preferably from a bank or financial institution.
    • Integrity is key, we do not condone unethical dealings of any kind.
    • Prudence is a required virtue, always strive to go for risks with favourable risk/reward ratios
    • Creativity; the role needs you to get creative in how we can safely and honestly make an extra dollar. So you would need that juice to be flowing to spot opportunities and explore them.
    • Diligence; no lie, some parts of the roles would involve drudgery and seem monotonous. Like rebalancing the bots or preparing and recording reports. But they are important parts of the role and they contribute to the success of the role and the company.
    • Initiative; you can’t be told what to do every time. You must be able to think for yourself, make informed judgements and flesh ideas out.


    • A chance to be an early member of a high-growth startup
    • We pay competitively in the Nigerian market for the matched experience and role
    • Amazing work culture and a company that truly cares about creating the best and most fun place to work
    • 13th month salary
    • We offer health insurance that includes dental, optical & covers major surgeries with a total of over N50 million annually
    • Interest-free staff loans upon confirmation
    • Free Lunch (when in office)
    • We currently work fully remote
    • Training & Education Budget of up to $1,000 (Based on the role and level)

    Our Values

    • Customer Obsession
    • Our People
    • Communication
    • Ownership
    • A culture of excellence
    • Passion
    • Discipline