Google Launches Google Go In Nigeria

Targeting smartphone users with low memory space, the app offers an improved mobile experience for users in the region.

As more people acquire mobile phones for personal and business purposes in West Africa, ensuring a great user experience through innovative technology is important.

Recently, Google launched Google Go in Nigeria and 29 countries across Africa. Targeting smartphone users with low memory space and one gigabyte Random Access Memory (1 GB RAM), the app offers an improved mobile experience for users in the region. Google Go provides users with fast access to the internet, easing the processing of web searches.

Google designed Google Go with specific cost-effective and smart functionalities. The app is less than five megebytes (5MB), and it uses a data system as well as compression technology which requires less than 40% data, thereby freeing-up more memory for its mobile users. The tap first user interface means that users can search and access information effortlessly. The app caches search results, a function which stores previous searches for quick re-access offline at no extra cost. It is compatible with Android 4 devices and runs quickly on data-saving mode or 2G connections.

Explaining the app’s capabilities, Lolu Bodunwa, Product Marketing Manager, Sub Saharan Africa said “For those new to smartphones or search, the app suggests trending search, top apps and is voice search enabled. Hence, no matter how accented, Google Go can recognise desired search items, just say the word or phrase. It is essentially about organizing the world’s information and making it accessible to everyone, how they want it.” Evidently, Google Go creates a hassle-free environment for Android users and caters to individual user habits.

Google created the app with functionalities that respond to customer feedback and the needs of mobile users in Nigeria and Africa.  At the Google Go launch in Ikoyi last Thursday, Google’s Country Director (Nigeria) Juliet Ehimun stated that” …upon expansive and in-depth research into smartphone usage it was found that 73% of users have less than or 1GB RAM and low memory space which causes hitches while searching on the internet. Also there is the issue of data cost and reliability”. The app offers a remedy for these difficulties, demonstrating the strategic and informed thought process behind the making of Google Go.

According to Taiwo Kola – Ogunade, Google Communications and Public Affairs Management, West Africa “Google Go is built from the ground up with the feedback from user research. Crucial parts of the design, functionality and features of Google Go are inspired by what we learned talking to people in Africa for over a year, since 70% of people who connect in Africa do so via a mobile device.” Clearly, Google Go is an innovative app especially useful for West Africa’s climate of technological growth.

Since the mobile industry is set to contribute more than $50 billion to West Africa’s economy in the next five years, Google Go could add an extra dimension to this sector, offering social and economic benefits and transformations.